We all have images in our head as to what constitute a father, either by economics or emotional standards.

I believe you cannot be a good father or role model until you are first a “good” man and the definition of “good” varies from person to person.

Being male is gendeHelping-his-daughter-soar-000027685615_Medium-639x426r, being a man a mindset and being a father goes beyond blood line.

A good man brings a different flavor to the table especially when he is confident in who he is.   Whether husband, father, son or brother, employer or employee,  or none of the above; single, married, with children or without children, his status does not define him.  In the home, family, workplace or community he does not intimidate nor does he seek to intimidate he just tries to be the very best man HE can be.

As a wife, mother and sister, I have been blessed to be surrounded with good men in my life and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate them and encourage them to never give up trying to be the best good man they can be.

And those of you reading this know a “good man”, so join me in saying Happy Fathers’ Day to those “GOOD MEN” celebrate and encourage them because we need them.

Have a blessed and wonderful day celebrating the “Good” men God has blessed YOU with.

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