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The word itself makes you think of raised hands, smiling faces and celebrations.

Growing up, my grandmother Flora born in 1902, said July 4, was not our holiday and would only allow us to celebrate June 19th, this was “Our” freedom day.    

And to confirm this she would bake a jelly cake, her stamp on the day because this was the only DAY she baked a cake. 

Over the weekend, in many parts of the country there were Juneteenth celebrations designed to educate and celebrate June 19, 1865, a date officially ending slavery in the United States of America and people from all races chose to take part in these celebrations without any incidents.   

If my grandmother were alive she would be surprised to see people from other races celebrating “OUR” freedom day.

Thinking about how freedom expresses itself, smiling faces, hands waving and even dancing; we get to choose to celebrate or not, June 19, July 4, your birthday or any other date you feel important to you. 

Every day you can choose to celebrate that is the beauty of Freedom. 

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