Mom Stranded at Grocery

Stranded at a grocery story with her four children Tawny Nelson, returned to find her vehicle won’t start, her battery was dead.

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For two hours in the pouring rain with her 9 year old daughter, pleading with shoppers for help without success.  Hungry, tired and her new baby screaming in the back seat, she too began crying, “feeling like the worst mom ever” she said.  When suddenly a stranger knocks on her car window, hands her a plate of food with a bottle of water and tells her his wife will bring her home and he will have her car towed to her house and he did.


The next day this stranger came to her house with a mechanic who made numerous repairs on her vehicle and when he finished, she asked “how much do I owe you”, he replied “nothing”.   The stranger had paid for all the repairs and his only request was “that she not give up and continue to be an amazing Mom”.

No hug or hand shake, this stranger and his wife “has restored her faith in humanity”.  Tawny said, “She could never repay him but hopes to one day do for someone else what he had done for her”.

A plate of food, bottle of water, car repairs or an encouraging word, acts of kindness no matter how big or small can travel far into the future.

We may not be able to do everything this couple did but we can all do something if we take the time and use what we have.

Blessings to the couple who took the time, the Tawny Nelson family will never forget them.


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