Father Upstages Son

Benjamin Jeanty, envisioned being the first to graduate in his family but was upstaged by his 63 year old father.

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Duvinson Jeanty , a Haitian born, New Jersey transit bus driver for over 25 years, had put his dreams on hold for decades to care for his family while working long hours as an operator.  Became his son’s inspiration.

Ben decided to enter William Patterson University in Wayne, New Jersey where his father was enrolled.   They studied together and graduated together.  Duvinson Jeanty with a degree in Accounting and Ben a degree Psychology.

Benjamin Jeanty told People Magazine, “What better way to show him I appreciate and love him and am in his corner than to graduate with him.”   He said “The feeling of graduating with his Dad is indescribable.

In spite of challenges and difficulties this father and son hung tight and finished together strong.

Hats off to these two men they made their family very proud.


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