Leaving a legacy is nothing new monuments, pyramids and obelisks were built by rulers of early civilizations to leave something of themselves behind to be remembered, the desire is understandable.

Monuments and statutes are usually erected to celebrate and remember an accomplishment something positive a major event

The Israelites were told by God to take rocks from the middle of the Jordan River and place them in Ebel as a memorial to celebrate their deliverance from Egyptian bondage and to pass this knowledge as a memorial to their children.  The knowledge of a loving and powerful God.

God wants us to celebrate and pass on His knowledge to the future generations and monuments should serve as a reminder of the goodness and faithfulness of loving powerful God and forgiving God.

The ovens of Auschwitz are reminder of what we are capable of apart from God.


The statutes of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and generals of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag are not those types of monuments or memorials; and should be removed from every public building across the country.  They were erected for one reason only and that is to continue the spread of the poison of racial hatred.  100 plus years after the end of the Civil War and signing of the Emancipation Proclamation we are still feeling its affects.


But in spite of our differences and beliefs we can come together, seeing thousands of  men and women, black, white, brown, old and young  all across our country saying,  “No, not again we will not repeat this sin of our past”,  makes us a great nation and me a proud American.

Knowing we are all flawed created beings made for the pleasure of a loving God, who loves diversity and flair, we can look at each other without fear.

My prayer is that all of us will be . . . quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.   Bringing a listening ear and a forgiving heart to the table as we grow into everything God created us to be One Nation Under God.

EP-170129853Please let me hear your thoughts or prayers

Be Blessed ~



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