I love superheroes.  Those people in spite of their own circumstances, they put on their capes and in this case rain coats and boots and sprang into action.  Superheroes men, women and even children those in uniform or not, who rush to aid in their official duty or not; these superheroes are our first line of defense against any approaching disasters and they are usually disguised as our neighbors.

As Superheroes our local law enforcement officers rolled up their sleeves, put on weather gear, and worked around the clock to try and prevent loss of life and property.  Sprang into action to rescue their neighbors, all the while hoping their families were safe from the approaching storm.  Using boats, trucks, buses and helicopters every means available to them to carry their neighbors to safety.  Going beyond the call of duty, with a “all hands on deck” attitude doing whatever they could to best of their ability, I say thank you.


Checking drains, finding out who is still in the neighborhood and if you need food, water or a ride to the store (and if you don’t know where to go) these Superheroes are usually a wealth of information and will point you in the right direction.   They make sure if you are riding out a storm you have what you need .   And after the storm if you are in need, they will come to your rescue.   Thank you


Thanks to all you Superheroes big and small doing whatever you could without any fanfare.   Whether you rescued a senior from flood waters or donated food and clothing to a shelter, you are a superhero in my book.  Not just seeing or hearing about a need, but sprang into action and did something , Thank you.


Houston is a huge city with a heart of compassion.  Diverse but not divided when it comes to helping one another like the Good Samaritan Jesus told us about.

As my City works through the clean-up process after the horrific flooding, please continue to pray for us and all the areas affect by the storm.  Especially those grieving the loss of loved ones.

Remember no matter where we live in the world we are all neighbors and we can be Superheroes too.








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